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First Lindsay Lohan now Sarah Jessica Parker. I Do Not Approve!

“I know I come to the company in a rather unorthodox way but I’m not the first to be president of a company without the traditional background” – Sarah Jessica Parker  *

Last year when Lindsay Lohan was announced as the new creative consultant for French fashion house Emanuel Ungaro, I shuddered.  I mean, she doesn’t have sufficient knowledge of the industry, nor the proper background needed to do well in such a position.  It would take years for a normal person, say someone like me, to get a job like that, especially without sufficient knowledge or the education needed for it.   Obviously she got it through her connections, along with the fact that she is a celebrity (although, in my honest opinion they could have done much better.  There are MANY better celebrities than her at the moment).

Her first few months as creative consultant had not been very successful, or so I’ve heard. One would think that fashion companies would have learned their lesson, and hire someone with an appropriate fashion background, and someone who is deserving of it.   Alas, sadly they have not for here we have the US fashion brand Halston hiring Sarah Jessica Parker as their President AND chief creative officer.  Insert exasperated sigh here.  

Although I know there are more women who idolize SJP as opposed to LiLo, BUT she is still a celebrity. 
Of course companies do this for more publicity and exposure, and I know that SJP is one of the most influential celebs in the fashion world, but I still don’t feel that it’s right or fair.  They are celebrities; they already star in tv shows, movies, endorse other products, get free fabulous clothes…. and now get appointed presidents of companies?    Leave such jobs to the people who actually work hard, and go to school for these things. Those who bust their butts in unpaid internships for years, etc.   I’m also talking from personal experiences here!   

I know this is probably not the only rant out there about this and that I’m not the only one who doesn’t approve.   SJP does have her own perfume line and her own affordable clothing line called ‘Bitten’ for US retail store Steve & Barry’s, yet in my eyes, this doesn’t count as having a true background in fashion. I highly doubt she even did much work on the perfume or clothing lines but only lent  her name to it like many celeb “designers” do (minus Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen, and Victoria Beckham…but that’s a whole other story!).

I just hope this whole celebrity becoming presidents, CEO’s , chief creative consultants, etc of fashion companies does not become a big trend or else someone shall be very upset -cough cough- .

And there you have it ladies and gents…. my rant of the week!


* Quote from  People Magazine
SJP photo from Times Live
Lindsay Lohan photo from CBS News