Spring/Summer 2015 Must Haves & Outfit Inspiration: Look #1

c600x600Since this spring weather is getting MUCH nicer *hello, 30 degrees (Celsius) this weekend*, and summer is around the corner *six more weeks, huzzah!*, I decided why not post outfit ideas for this lovely weather we’re having by picking items from my personal “wish list” and “must have” list. So…ta da! Here you have the first of many must have lists and outfit ideas to come this season, for your spring/summer style inspiration.

You’ll also find info on where to purchase these items, and their price points. The great part is that all the items on this list are under $200 (Canadian $). Yay!

Next must have/outfit idea post will contain only items under $100!

1. TOPSHOP “Lace Top” Sundress

Let’s start with this super cute sundress, PERFECT for those hot and humid summer days. You can definitely accessorize a-plenty with this dress, because although the lace detail does fancy it up a bit (and the white and green dip dye adds a cool touch), it’s not too embellished or over the top, leaving room for creativity. This is why I started off with this particular piece, because the rest of the items on this list are a pair of shoes and lots of accessories (my favourite part of an outfit!) to add to this dress to form a complete spring/summer look.

Available at: TOPSHOP and the TOPSHOP at Hudson’s Bay for my fellow Canadians ❤

Price: $60.00 CAD

2. Goorin Bros. “Abel Abraham” Fedora

A summer outfit just isn’t right without a hat, and this fedora is a-a-amazing. It’s obvious why it’s on my wish list for this season. Plus, it’s Goorin Bros! Enough said.

Goorin Bros Abel Abraham hat

Available at: Goorin Bros. 

Price: $140.00 USD

3. ALDO “Veloveronese” Bag 

I’m going through a pink phase as of late, and am in love with this light pink shade. The pearls add an classy touch to the already feminine bag and dress up the outfit a bit more, and who can say no to a quilted design?! To top it all off, it’s a bucket bag…so in at the moment!

aldo veloveronese bag

Available at: ALDO

Price: $40.00 CAD

4. ASOS “FUNDER” Leather Sandals

I was SO excited when I found these on ASOS. My style typically isn’t this girly, but recently I’ve been having a thing for bows and feminine pieces, along with my renewed fondness for all shades of pink *shrugs*. These sandals go so well with the bucket bag – aah, pearl embellishment overload!

ASOS FUNDER leather sandal

Available at: ASOS

Price: $52.54 CAD/$45.00 USD

5. Anthropologie ett:twa “Franang” Sunglasses

As a sunglass-aholic, I approve of these and highly recommend them. They have such a summer/festival season vibe to them, yet are classy at the same time. Available exclusively at Anthropologie, these sunglasses come in a whole range of colours (but I prefer the peach shade below!).

Available (exclusively) at: Anthropologie

Price: $128.00 USD

6. The Horse “Vegetable Tan Rose Gold Index” Watch

I can’t even begin to talk about how much I’m obsessed with this watch/watch brand. Apparently plenty of others are just as obsessed as me, if not more, because these watches tend to sell out A LOT. They go in and out of stock in a flash, not just on the actual store/website, but on other online retail sites and physical stores that carry the brand. So, if you want one, you better be fast!


Available at: The Horse, Beginning Boutique + check out their website for a complete list of stockists, including other online retailers (I’m biased towards Beginning Boutique because I LOVE their Instagram account, which is why they get a mention above, FYI).

Price: $133.62 CAD

7. Forever 21 “Darling Twisted Bangle” Set

For affordable accessories, Forever 21 is usually my go-to. I saw these the other day, but refrained from purchasing them for the time being (go will power!), because I already have too many bracelets and haven’t been wearing any lately. Although, these are so inexpensive…

PS. they would look great stacked together with the The Horse watch!

forever 21 twisted bangle setAvailable at: Forever 21

Price: $6.80 CAD (bargain!)

8. 14k Gold Filled “Woven Pineapple” Ring by SALTYturquoise on ETSY

I stumbled upon this ETSY shop the other day and fell in love with these awesome gold pineapple rings. I love anything to do with pineapples or palm trees, so this is definitely on my list of current faves. Plus, it has that tropical/beachy/island feel to it – perfect for summer, and a cute addition to this whole ensemble.

Available at: ETSY (SALTYturqouise shop)

Price: $86.48+ CAD (since each ring is individually hand-crafted, and they come in gold, silver, etc., pricing may vary, so contact the shop owner for specific pricing questions!).

9. Boutique 1861 “Selkie Printemps” Ring 

I love this online shop and HAD to include this ring on this list because it’s so dainty and adorable. It’s such a contrast to the casual/cool beachy feel of the pineapple ring, that I think adding this one to another finger balances it out. The more rings the merrier!

PS. I discovered this shop via their website not too long ago, and became an instant fan. It’s also a Canadian shop (Montreal-based to be exact), so I couldn’t resist giving them a shout out on this list!


Available at: Boutique 1861 

Price: $15.00 CAD/$12.32 USD

10. NASTY GAL “Tropicalia Pineapple” Necklace & “Raise the Bar” Necklace 

I included not one but TWO NASTY GAL necklaces, because why not?? Here we have a smaller necklace with a pineapple pendant (can you see a theme developing here?) that not only goes with the pineapple ring, but with the whole summer look we are trying to achieve. I also threw in a longer chain necklace with a gold bar pendant, for the option of layering both pieces. The TOPSHOP dress does have a lace detail, so both aren’t necessary. The smaller one is cute and dainty, and adds a cute touch, but if you feel like adding something extra, the layering option is always there and you can throw in the longer chain necklace.

Available at: NASTY GAL (pineapple necklace + chain necklace)

Price: $21.67 CAD/$18.00 USD for the pineapple & $24.08 CAD/$20.00 USD for the gold bar chain

11. BaubleBar “Howlite Janeiro” Studs

These studs are both modern and classic, so you can pair them with basically any look; dressy, casual, whatever you please. I love the marble look to them, and the different shades of the little stones. I thought it would be perfect for this outfit because it’s not too overpowering. Because of the lace detail of the dress, along with the hat, big sunglasses and the rest of the accessories, you wouldn’t want overdo it by throwing in a huge pair of earrings and risk the look overpowering you.

Baublebar janairo studs

Available at: BaubleBar

Price: $28.00 USD

12. Charming Charlie “Lovely Macaron” iPhone Case

Last but certainly not least, your outfit just wouldn’t be complete without a cute iPhone (ah! apologies to the non-iPhone users) case. Come on, your phone deserves a cool accessory as well, right?!  This macaron one is so sweet *pun definitely intended* and whimsical. Such a great finishing touch to an overall awesome summer look!

charming charlie macaron phone case

Available at: Charming Charlie

Price: $7.00 USD

My June Wish List

Kate Moss for Longchamp 'Glastonbury' Bag $925 cad

I want, I want, I want….all of these things!

These are my top 10 items that I’m in love with this month, and I will probably be adding more as the days go on.

Behold, the wonderfulness of it all:

Elizabeth and James Crochet Lace Up Booties $463.70 cad

Ted Rossi Tie-Dye Bangles $90 cad

Mara Hoffman One-Piece Bathing Suit $250 cad

Lanvin Sandals $1,005 cad

Funky 'Rare Print' Ray Bans $ 175 cad

Anthropologie Summer Dress $ 100 + cad

'Toy' Watch $280 cad http://www.toywatchusa.com

Forever 21 Romper $ 27.90 cad

Coach 'Pierre Le-Tan' Tote Bag $ 268 cad

Spring Ahead with Floral Prints

Dolce and Gabbana, Spring 2010

“Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking” – Miranda Priestly in the Devil Wears Prada

It’s nothing new that with nice weather comes floral inspired clothing, but it looks like this season  flower power is more popular than it has been the last couple of years. From dresses, and pants, to cardigans and blazers, floral prints are seen in stores everywhere.  You can’t escape it, so you might as well go along with it! 

oh and we can’t forget about the accessories! From flower shaped earrings, and rings, to floral print sunglasses, and bags – roses and lilacs have bloomed all over the place and have given us spring fever for all these lovely items. 

Now that winter is on its way out, days are getting warmer, and daylight is lasting longer, remember to add some floral pieces to your wardrobe. It will help you forget about the dreaded days of winter that are now behind us, and look forward to the next few months of wonderful weather. 

Non-leather metallic floral bag - Available at Topshop.com, $81.00 cad

Floral print sunglasses- Available at Aldo, $12.00

Organic cotton floral print flats- Available at H

lace flower tights- Available at Topshop.com, $17.00 cad

Floral print scarf- Available at Topshop, $37.00 cad

Multi-coloured flower ring - Available at Aldo, $15.00

Flower necklace- Available at Aldo, $20.00

Fabric floral print sandals - Available at H&M

Yellow enamel floral earrings- Available at Forever 21 and Forever 21.com, $3.80

Skirts- Available at Forever 21, $19.99

Cardigan- Available at Forever 21, $24.90



To find these items, check out: 





** Topshop now delivers to Canada.