What’s Hot and What’s Not According to Google’s First Ever Fashion Trend Report


For the first time ever, Google has released a Fashion Trend Report for Spring 2015. The top trends according to this report are: tulle skirts, jogger pants (apparently emoji print jogger pants are increasing in popularity, who knew!) and midi skirts. How this report works is that Google based it on data and insights gathered from Google searches, ie. “tulle skirt DIY” or something along the lines of “jogger pants outfit.”  So it doesn’t necessarily mean that these are top trends in terms of how many people are wearing these items, rather how many times they have shown up on its search engine. For the tulle trend, which started in the west coast and has steadily increased in popularity across the US, most looked up how to make one on their own, so it was quite popular on the DIY front. For the jogger pants (which in contrast to tulle, originated in the east coast) and midi skirt (the not quite a maxi, but not quite a mini – which made a comeback in the UK in 2013) trends, most looked up how to wear/style them. (PS. If you too are interested in finding out how to make a tulle skirt and/or how to wear/style joggers and a midi, click on the links above in pink!)

Some other interesting insights about rising trends (sustained, seasonal and “rising stars”) include:

-Waist trainers and palazzo pants are increasing in popularity, and are trends that are “about to take off.”

-High waist bikinis, rompers, shift dresses and white jumpsuits are “seasonal trends that are expected to come back even stronger this spring.”

-Neoprene swimsuits, emoji shirts and kale sweatshirts are part of the “rising stars” group – they have experienced a sudden growth as of late, and are “trends likely to be fleeting.” In other words, they are just fads.

On the opposite end, some insights on declining trends (sustained, seasonal and “falling stars”) include:

-One shoulder dresses, peplum dresses and vintage clothing have seen a steady decline, and are trends that are “fading out.” (noooo, not vintage! I refuse to believe that).

-Skinny jeans are part of the seasonal trend group that are on the decline and “expected to decrease in demand every year.”

-Normcore fashion and 90s jeans are some “falling stars” – they have “reached their peak and have already started to decline rapidly.”

Click here for the full Google report.

[Main image from Ragtradeatlanta].

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