Introducing: Blogger Fashion Week!

65i5v6h8sm04o9h6i0kn If you’re like me and have tons of clothes just lying around (either they don’t fit or you simply got bored with them), then I suggest you take my advice and check out this genius online community called Trend Trunk.

Trend Trunk simplifies both the buying and selling process. There’s no meeting up with anyone, so there’s no worrying about potentially being involved in a sketchy or dangerous situation when meeting up with a complete stranger. Nobody needs that kind of stress, especially when shopping should be a fun experience!

I joined, and have already spotted so many amazing items that are brand new or gently used. Definitely adding all of them to my “should buy” list. I will also soon be adding a bunch of my own items (clothes, shoes and accessories), so stay tuned for that! I will announce when my “closet” on Trend Trunk is all set to go.

One thing you should be aware of is that right now, a bunch of other amazing bloggers’ closets are available for you to check out. This is part of “Blogger Fashion Week,” which started on December 9 and ends this Sunday the 15th of December. So hurry up before your chance to purchase some amazing items at a low price ends! Plus, you’ll be doing a good deed because some of the bloggers will be donating 100% of the proceeds to their favourite not-for-profit charity through Trend Trunks’ Closets & Causes program!

Shop your favourite blogger’s closet at and check out Trend Trunk at!

If you end up purchasing an item or items, take a pic and share it with us by tweeting @gialilibeth and @trendtrunk!



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