Updates and Changes Coming Shortly

Hello wonderful readers,

As some of you may have noticed, I haven’t updated many parts of this blog in quite a while. There have been many things going on this past year and I have neglected it. I started by updating the “about” section today, which I have posted below. There is news about changes I will be making to the blog and an updated “bio” of myself. Slowly, but surely, I’ll get this blog back on track!

Hope you all have a fabulous and stylish day!

My name is Gia; I’m a 26 year old living in the suburbs of Toronto. I am most definitely a fashion addict. Aside from collecting fashion magazines like a maniac, my other interests include shopping (of course), travelling, reading and doing anything social media related. I also really enjoy art, music and playing (or attempting to play) golf. When I have time, I like to watch historical documentaries, Downtown Abbey, the Rachel Zoe Project, re-runs of the Hills and the City or the Devil Wears Prada for the 500th time. I no longer go to school, but am trying to figure out my life – find a career, move out and all that fun (er, not really) stuff.

With no specific style to call my own, I just wear what I feel like when I feel like. Rules, including style rules, are made to be broken; as long as you give off a confident vibe, feel awesome and have a great attitude, you can pull almost anything off!

I started this blog three years ago to voice my thoughts and opinions on fashion and style. As time went on, I started to write less and just post photos of my favourite looks from celebrities, the red carpet, film festivals, fashion weeks and those I consider style icons. I am now, as of September 2013, going to go back to my original plan for the blog and actually write. I hope to have new posts written and published very shortly, as soon as I have some time to do so. I will also post new photos in the “my photography” section, including photos from some of my recent trips and adventures. I also plan on having a section about beauty, which will include makeup and beauty product reviews, a section on health and fitness, another on food and recipes and much more.

I am very excited about these changes and hope you are too! So check back within the next few weeks or before November to see the changes and updates!

In the meantime, check out my posts from years past  by using the archive option at the bottom of this page. Also, check out, tweet, like and follow me (and my blog) on these social media platforms:

Twitter: @gialilibeth

Pinterest: pinterest.com/gialilibeth

Instagram: instagram.com/gialilibeth

Facebook: facebook.com/theshortfashionista

Tumblr: gialilibeth.tumblr.com

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