Toronto World MasterCard Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013

Pre-Fashion Week Shows:

Label: Blak.I

Designers: Helder Aquiar and Diego Fuchs

Facts: Blak.I is a two-year old label. The designers were finalists at TFI’s New Labels competition, and it is sold at TNT in Toronto.

Label: Laura Siegel

Designer: Laura Siegel

Facts: This was the designer’s third season, which consisted of desert/cactus inspired festival wear.

Label: Chloé comme Parris

Designers: Chloé and Parris Gordon

Facts: This collection was inspired by the California culture.

Label: Cara Cheung

Designer: Cara Cheung

Facts: This season’s collection was Navajo-inspired.

Label: Jeremy Laing

Designer: Jeremy Laing

Facts: This collection was said to have been inspired by a trip to the bayou in Louisiana.

Label: Paria Shirvani

Designer: Paria Shirvani

Facts: This was the newbie designer’s debut collection.

Official Fashion Week Shows:

Label: Pink Tartan

Designer: Kimberley Newport-Mimran

Facts: This season’s show featured top models Alana Zimmer, Irina Lazareanu, and pink-haired Charlotte Free. The label is also collaborating with Aldo, and the shoe collection debuted on the runway.


Label: DeMOYO

Designer: Paidemoyo Chideya

Facts: The spring/summer 2013 collection is called With In Spira.

Label: Joe Fresh

Designer: Joe Mimran

Facts: This collection included geometric prints, metallics and lots of white.


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