Hot Summer Finds: PlastiChic !

Not one to usually wear watches (because this picky girl can never find the right one!) PlastiChic has captured my fashionable heart. These Italian silicone rubber watches are simply irresistible!  With a unique design, these cute bands come in 19 different colours.  Best part about that? You can find one to go with any outfit!  Another plus? They are water-resistant and lightweight at only 10 grams.   I own a hot pink watch, which is one of my favourite colours, and I have worn it at the beach and in the water.  Have I seen any damage? Nope!  Since it is a silicone rubber watch which is also water-resistant, I don’t have to worry about my clumsy self ruining it.  Perfect for summer fun!   

You don’t have to sacrifice fashion for practicality and comfort.  With a cute design, and plenty of fabulous colours to choose from, PlastiChic is adding plenty of chicness to laid-back summer styles.  

The watches are available across Canada at Boathouse and will be coming to The Bay on August 1st.

They are also available at select boutiques across Canada.  Visit the PlastiChic Facebook page  or check out  for more info!

Ps. They also come in cute test tube packaging! Love it.

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