My ‘Closet Editing’ Experience

(Originally posted by me on June 16 2010 on another blog)

The other day I edited my closet, yes…. edited. As in taking out items I don’t wear anymore, items that look too old and ratty, organizing the clothes based on what type they are, etc. I never used to be this organized or neat. Just ask any of my former University roommates. My room always used to be a disaster! Drawers wouldn’t close, dresses would be falling off the hangers, dirty and clean clothes would both be mixed in a giant pile on the floor. This year, for some unknown reason, I’ve become super organized. Seriously. I sweep the floor everyday, dust everything everyday, make my bed everyday (this may be normal for some, but I never used to do this unless I had guests over!), and basically keep everything neat and tidy. For the last few months, since the winter actually, I had left my closet and drawers to become a giant mess. Being the disgustingly organized person that I am now, I don’t know how I let it get that bad. I had to struggle everyday to pull tops out of the drawers and struggled to stuff them back in. Tops and pants were all wrinkled. Clothes would be missing from the hangers, and the worst part – my shoes! They were all just stuffed into my closet in a giant pile. If I had one shoe in my hand, it would take me forever to find the other one. Sigh.

On Sunday, I had enough! At 11 pm, I set out to edit my closet, and make my life a bit easier. Everything was taken out and put on my bed, and one by one I would decide whether it would go back to hanging neatly in my closet or folded in my drawers, or be sent to the reject pile. I organized everything by these categories: short skirts, pencil skirts, dress pants, casual pants, jeans, shorts, jackets, sweaters, cardigans, blazers, dressy blouses, casual blouses, vests, long tops, fancy dresses, casual dresses, plaid, denim, sleeveless tops, floral. I may be missing a few categories, but you get the idea. The shoes were then put side by side neatly and categorized by tall boots, medium boots, ankle boots, riding style boots, high heels, short heels, flats, sandals, etc. I may sound like a crazy person, but it was actually fun! Plus it now makes picking out outfits so much easier, and less time consuming while trying to find things. My closet is super small, so it was such a huge task trying to fit everything in neatly. I even ran out of hangers in the process and had to steal some from my brother, sisters’, and parents’ rooms ( if they read this, now they know I’m the one who took them, oops!). I may have to move out and find a place with a bigger closet, preferably a nice big walk-in closet! Either that, or stop buying more clothes, ugh, as if that’ll happen!

 Every time I edit my closet I give my unwanted items to my sisters, but if you don’t have anyone to give them to, then a great thing to do is to give them to a charity clothing drive, or to places such as Goodwill. If you have something that’s super expensive another option is to send it to a consignment store, you then have the option of donating your share of the earnings to a charity.

Check out the Aspiring Fashionista’s blog for more great tips on closet editing!

I couldn’t find any photos of my messy room when all my clothes were all over the place, but these photos are still pretty bad! They were from when I was studying in London, England, in my residence room while I was attempting to finish an art history project. Still looks like a tornado went through my side of the room!

My new and improved closet! (the closet itself is super small, and the angle of these photos don’t show all of it, so they’re not the greatest shots!)

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