Satisfy Your Style Cravings With

 Do you have an appetite for all that is stylish, cool and trendy?  Do you follow the crowds or do you have a look that’s unique and all your own? Whatever your style may be, you’ll feel right at home and love this recently launched fashion site!

Called FashionHungry, this fashion-sharing site allows members to upload their photos, tag specific items of clothing and specify where it was purchased. A neat thing about it is that you can also upload photos directly from your Facebook account.

However, it’s not only about uploading photos, tagging and commenting. It’s a little more exciting than that; you get to go head to head against other members in a “style battle” and the FashionHungry community decides on the best look by voting between the two photos. This determines whether you end up on the best-dressed list or, tragically, the worst dressed list. Members also get points based on participation (uploading photos, tagging and commenting), and these points get you to different levels, with the highest being that of Fashion Guru.

Are you confident and brave enough to find out what list you’ll end up on?

Think you can reach Fashion Guru status?

Find out at !

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