Trends: Shorts with Tights & Socks with Sandals

What do you guys think about both these looks?  With all the crazy hosiery trends going on lately, these are two of the top ones out there.

Both are considered top trends of the season, and will most likely be here for the rest of 2010. I think both have some staying power, with designers showing shorts and tights and socks and sandals on the runways and celebs such as Nicole Richie and Alexa Chung being devoted followers.

I, for one, love both trends, despite the protests of others, haha.  Especially the shorts and tights look – I’m a big fan. It’s such a fun look which can be both casual and dressed up depending on what you pair it with. For example,  denim shorts with coloured or patterned tights and a tank top is a casual and fun look. Meanwhile, a high waisted short with black or dark coloured tights paired with a blazer makes for a dressier appearance.  It can be taken from day to night very effortlessly which is always awesome.

The socks and sandals trend took me a bit longer to come to terms with. I have always said that I absolutely despise socks paired with sandals, but that’s because I always imagine socks with no-heeled sandals or Birkenstocks. It’s such an ugly look which nobody should EVER try! Unfortunately there are the few who get caught wearing them, and I always cringe. (It’s worse when it’s men with socks and sandals, gross).  

 Another similar look is socks with heels or flats, for those who don’t want to pair them with sandals (even if they are more stylish high-heeled ones).  Regardless of whether they are sandals, heels, or flats – not everyone can pull it off.  The shorts with tights trend  is a look which basically anyone and most body types can get away with.  This one, not so much – you can either look fantastic or end up looking like a 5-year-old or a badly dressed tourist.  I have yet to actually try this look for myself, but I shall, eventually.  I just have to find a decent pair of socks along with a cute pair of high-heeled sandals, and the courage to go out in public wearing them.  

All I can say is that it did take me a while to warm up to this trend.  When I saw Alexa Chung donning a pair of flats with socks I thought what the hell is she wearing? Then I saw it on the runways and thought ok I guess this look is here to stay for a while. Now, I’m a fan.  It’s like a song you don’t like at first, but from listening to it on the radio so much it gets stuck in your head and then you end up loving it (a la Rihanna – Rude Boy, as my personal example).

Anyhow, I am going to try this look and hopefully it doesn’t end up being a complete disaster. If I am unable to pull it off, at least I know I always have the shorts and tights look to fall back on.     Feel free to agree or disagree with me.  I know not everyone agreed with my clog obsession, haha.  Fashion is meant to be fun and you should experiment with different looks.  Who knows what trend you may end up loving!  Everybody makes a fashion mistake at some point, even the best of fashionistas 🙂

But I really am curious as to what your thoughts are, let me know!



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