Look Back at LGFW

What a crazy past week it has been. I have honestly been so insanely busy during the past week volunteering with various PR companies during Toronto’s LG Fashion Week, and yes as you may have noticed I have slacked on updates!  It was a long and exhausting, but amazing week as always; saw old friends, made new friends.  Met fellow PR girls, bloggers, and of course Twitter friends, haha. One of the things I love the most about events such as LG Fashion Week is the chance to meet people in person. It’s always a cool experience. Plus, talking in person is always better than on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Although I was mostly occupied “working”, and not there specifically to cover the shows, I WAS able to catch a few – mainly being the ones I volunteered for. Having volunteered for past fashion weeks, I didn’t feel as inspired with most of  the collections this season as I had been during previous ones.  That’s not to say that they were horrible-far from it!  These designers obviously worked hard and it showed.  They were all great, but I just felt like there wasn’t a wow factor to any of the shows and there was something lackluster about the whole week in general.   I just think that LG Fashion week occurred too late in the season, and I know there are others that have voiced this same opinion.   All the other fashion weeks have come and gone, and the whole vibe was different and very toned down this late in the season.    Another thing was the venue; although it was better than the King & Shaw location (SO much better in fact), I still miss the tents at Nathan Phillips Square (minus not having the washroom actually located in a decent place).  Although the Allstream Centre had the space,  I didn’t like the convention centre look to it as you walked in, and then the nightclub look within the fashion environment.  It was also not as convenient to get to as Nathan Phillips Square, and not as visible to the public who should feel as much a part of this week as the rest of us.

As for the shows, I was disappointed that I wasn’t there for Pink Tartan and Joe Fresh this season- they are always my favourites and prove to live up to the hype most of the time.   I caught Joe Fresh through the live stream, which was a first for LG Fashion Week this year following in the footsteps of London Fashion Week who live streamed all their runway shows as well.   I enjoyed it, and loved many of the pieces in the fall collection –  “plus size” model  Crystal Renn opened and closed the show ( she honestly didn’t look that much different from the “normal” sized models).    I did hear that both shows were crazy – very packed and they started super late- so perhaps it’s a GOOD thing I wasn’t there.  Why be there if you’re not even going to be able to view the runway and have no space to move or breathe?

One of the shows I volunteered for was Orange by Angela Chen.  It was one of the few that I really enjoyed.  There were many classic looks and a lot of black and white.  I thought it was great considering it was the biggest show she has done thus far, and the collection had plenty of great pieces -including wonderful hand-knit dresses.  I know we’re going to see many great things from Angela as time goes on!

On another note, I’m thinking of perhaps actually covering the shows next season now that I have done more than my fair share of volunteering.  That way I will be able to actually go in-depth and detail about the collections and take photos (which I was unable to do this time). 

To those I was unable to meet with this last week, we will for sure meet next time or at any other fashion events in Toronto!   

Overall, it was a cool and entertaining week, with great collections from all the fab Canadian designers!   

Here are some reviews and photos from others.  Enjoy!


Miss Sly

Huffington Post

Toronto Sun

And Check out the FDCC Facebook photo album for backstage photos:

FDCC Backstage photos

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