My New Obsession – Clogs!

Yes,  I know what some of you may be thinking.   Some of you may be thinking that I’m out of my mind for falling for this trend.  Then there are others who may be on my side, and also admit to having fallen in love with these shoes.   By clogs I don’t mean the ugly, no-heeled versions; I would NEVER be caught wearing those.   I mean the one’s with the super-high heels a la Chanel Spring Summer 2010 collection and as seen on  Alexa Chung  (see photos).    All trends eventually come back again, but these certainly aren’t the same ones seen circa 1998.   The 2010 versions are way edgier and tres cool.  Then again, it does depend on your personal style (and I am a bit biased, considering I own a pair and completely adore this trend).     They do take some getting used to – so strange to walk in at first, and aren’t very practical- but they are seen everywhere this season, in different styles; from the clog sandals to the clog boots.    J’adore and completely approve – as long as they’re not no-heeled and/or worn with socks.


Zara clogs

Nine West clogs

Chanel clogs


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