Spring Ahead with Floral Prints

Dolce and Gabbana, Spring 2010

“Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking” – Miranda Priestly in the Devil Wears Prada

It’s nothing new that with nice weather comes floral inspired clothing, but it looks like this season  flower power is more popular than it has been the last couple of years. From dresses, and pants, to cardigans and blazers, floral prints are seen in stores everywhere.  You can’t escape it, so you might as well go along with it! 

oh and we can’t forget about the accessories! From flower shaped earrings, and rings, to floral print sunglasses, and bags – roses and lilacs have bloomed all over the place and have given us spring fever for all these lovely items. 

Now that winter is on its way out, days are getting warmer, and daylight is lasting longer, remember to add some floral pieces to your wardrobe. It will help you forget about the dreaded days of winter that are now behind us, and look forward to the next few months of wonderful weather. 

Non-leather metallic floral bag - Available at Topshop.com, $81.00 cad

Floral print sunglasses- Available at Aldo, $12.00

Organic cotton floral print flats- Available at H

lace flower tights- Available at Topshop.com, $17.00 cad

Floral print scarf- Available at Topshop, $37.00 cad

Multi-coloured flower ring - Available at Aldo, $15.00

Flower necklace- Available at Aldo, $20.00

Fabric floral print sandals - Available at H&M

Yellow enamel floral earrings- Available at Forever 21 and Forever 21.com, $3.80

Skirts- Available at Forever 21, $19.99

Cardigan- Available at Forever 21, $24.90



To find these items, check out: 





** Topshop now delivers to Canada. 

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