Kelly Cutrone Visits Toronto for MTV Appearance and Book Signing

Kelly Cutrone and I at Indigo

When Kelly Cutrone first announced via Twitter that she was coming to Toronto, I was beyond excited. I had already read her book twice by that time and was determined to get a chance to speak with her, even if for a minute, and get my book signed.

During her visit, Kelly was set to appear at MTV Canada, the Eaton Centre Indigo, Canada AM, and a few other places to promote her bestselling book ‘If you Have to Cry, Go Outside’. Yesterday, I had a chance to attend the taping of the MTV After Show special which will air next month, and went to her appearance at Indigo. Although known to be intimidating and a bit scary on TV, Kelly was hilarious and really nice in person. She was super grateful to all her Canadian fans, and said that she loves being seen as a mentor for those wanting to get into the fashion and PR industry.

Over 200 fans showed up to see Kelly at the Indigo book-signing event, which was hosted by Jeanne Beker of Fashion Television. I was surprised at how down to earth and easy to talk to Kelly was, and impressed at her ability to sign hundreds of copies of her book during the three hours, without a single break. Kelly took the time to meet each person who waited in line, actually speak with them and wrote personalized notes in each person’s book.

Kelly is truly an inspiring and all around cool person. If you haven’t read her book, do it! I highly recommended it to those who aspire to be part of the fashion and/or PR world!

Kelly and I speaking about my jump from politics to fashion and PR

What Kelly wrote in my book

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