New Years Resolutions! Time For a Fresh Start!

I know this doesn’t really have to do with fashion or what my blog is really about but I felt like sharing it with all of you!

This year, 2010, is going to be different. I think a lot of us feel this way, am I right?  It’s a new decade, a new beginning…at least that’s the way I see it!     I can’t wait!  I feel so much more optimistic than I did this time last year.  For me, 2008 had been the best year of my life so far, and I guess that’s mainly the reason why last year was such a let down.  Well, no more feeling sorry for myself! I have SO many things I want to and MUST accomplish this year.  It’s a new decade, I’m turning 23 in a month; I’m obviously not a child, so it’s time to get out there, erase all my negative/pessimistic feelings and accomplish everything I want to do!  As a wise person by the name of Kandee Johnson said, “Each person is born with a little suitcase, and in that suitcase are your talents and your dreams”.  It’s up to us to get out there, take risks, and pursue our goals and dreams no matter how big or small they may be.    My resolutions this year have to do with: my fashion journalism and fashion PR aspirations, my career (and perhaps more school) goals,  travelling, learning/gaining more knowledge, health and personal achievements, and many more things!  I will explain all of them with a list that I have compiled!  There’s no stopping me now, just you watch  πŸ˜‰

Ta da!…this is my list of my MANY resolutions for this wonderful year, which is full of potential for all of us!

To Get Out There and Experience Nature! To Be More Outdoorsy!

Take up Riding! I’ve always wanted to, just as a hobby.  It will be like finally living out my childhood dream!

Learn to ski! Finally, for once in my 23 years of life I can say I have been skiing or at least know how to!

Hiking!!!!! Oh to experience the great outdoors!
Can you believe that I also DON’T know how to swim! I have also forgotten how to skate because I haven’t done so in a very long time.  Those are also part of this list!   (I have to quit being such an indoor girl!)
And now….to get to the more fashion-y part of my resolutions!!
Apply for, GET, and successfully accomplish a PR internship (I’m already working on achieving this part of my resolution !…working very hard).   As most PR and fashion internships are unpaid, I will also need a part-time job. I am ALSO working on that.  Yup this year is going to be pretty crazy, hectic, and busy.
Update this blog more frequently!.. and perhaps write some fashion articles for newspapers/magazines. (I am also already working on this!)
Go to college for a postgrad diploma in communications. Now that I’m done my BA, I can’t be bothered with university anymore, plus it’s only a year long program with an internship at the end!
Travel More!!
 That’s right. I made a promise to myself that I would travel at least once a year somewhere.
Two years ago my friend Kristin and I went to LA, and that’s what kickstarted my travelling habits. After that I went to Europe for a few months.  Yup 2008 was one busy, adventurous year.  In 2009, my yearly travel adventure was to NYC with my friends Teresa and Lisa.  This year…. I am planning on returning to…..
 Yup! Back to LA and wonderful California.  Perhaps go to San Fran and other cities too.  I would also like to go back to Europe, but maybe next year when I have saved up more.  For now, I really miss Cali, and must go back sometime this year!
I have a few more resolutions too but they’re the same old things such as… losing about 5 pounds by my birthday!   My birthday is in exactly a month, eeek. If I really try, I know it’s possible. If not by then, then by March at the latest!  I also need to be more active! Here’s to regular work outs everyday!
Another one is to begin improving my french!  I know the basic stuff, but I want to improve it so that by the time I’m 30, I can hold an entire conversation! PLUS, I want to go live in Paris for 6 or 12 months in a couple of years, so knowing the language would help.
Lastly, to read more! I used to be such a bookworm and these past few years I have been too busy just reading boring textbooks and journal articles for school. I need to make time to catch up on my reading. I have SO many books I have bought and have yet to read.
Anyway, I know that’s a lot of stuff, but as I said..I’m very optimistic this year!  I know I can achieve all these things if I really try, and all of you can too! Don’t give up yet, there are still about 51 or so weeks of 2010 left! 
ps.  You  MUST watch this video.  Kandee Johnson is a makeup artist, but she has her own youtube videos and  is sooo inspirational.  I used to be so optimistic a few years back, then last year my optimism completely disappeared.  This year I told myself it would be different, then a few days after I told myself that I would stay positive …I saw this video and it inspired me even more!

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