Sex and the City 2 Trailer!

For all you SATC obsessed fashionistas out there: the trailer for the sequel has just been released!    Exciting??  Well, it would be… minus the fact that the trailer doesn’t really have any substance to it. In fact, aside from the beautiful views of New York City at the beginning, it’s not that great of a trailer. Kind of disappointing, but hopefully the movie turns out to be worth the wait!

Ok, ok, I will admit the main reason I’m excited for the movie, AND the main reason I posted this  (yes…this is where I brag) is because I saw the filming of the Bergdorf Goodman scene when I was in NYC in September.  Actually, my friends and I accidently walked onto the set of the movie after leaving Bergdorf’s.    I loved the outfits they were wearing!  Fashion: obviously another reason to watch the movie!

Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, Samantha, plus New York City, and fashion?… love it!

My encounter with the filming of the movie….

The set of Sex and the City 2 outside Bergdorf Goodman


Carrie and Charlotte ! (SJP and Kristin Davis)

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