Forever 21/ XXI is Love

Today while I was in Toronto, before an event I had to go to, I ….gave in to shopping (as always), and quickly dashed into Forever 21. Every time I’m downtown, literally EVERY time, I can’t help but go in there. It’s just so much fun. Accessories, shoes, bags, clothes…aaaaah. Honestly, I could spend hours in there, and if you think about it, the store isn’t even THAT big. I ended up only buying a ring (which by the way was only $3.50…awesomeness!)and yes for those who know me… it was the typical kind I wear. My signature ring is: large, shiny, obnoxious, haha. Love it. Anyhow… if I wasn’t so broke from shopping and travelling, I would have spent more money than I should there. From sequined, and shiny leggings, to blazers galore… it’s heaven for any girl, or…most girls at least. They have guy’s clothing as well. I never pay too much attention to it, but from the stuff I have seen, it seems awesome too.

Forever 21 is amazing because it’s not expensive at all, plus you can find clothing that resemble designer garments. I saw a Chanel-esque blazer the other time I was in there, and immediately fell in love with it. Unfortunately, I had already spent my budget for the day, or else …that lovely thing would be in my closet at this very moment.

Anyway, Forever 21 is a store that every girl must check out. There aren’t that many locations in Canada; BC has one, Alberta and Quebec have two locations each, and Toronto has five. I guess five locations in Toronto may seem like quite a few, but considering how many Forever 21 and XXI (same store) locations they have in the US…. that number pales in comparison.

I cannot say enough about this store. It’s fabulous. It may be considered “fast fashion” by some in the fashion industry, due to items being inexpensive and designer replicas, but in these financially troubling times…who cares! Fashion isn’t necessarily about how much something costs or what label it has, it’s about looking and feeling good. If you can put a 20 dollar outfit together and still look good…then that’s all that matters.

Forever 21 and XXI = love. If you have not yet done so, go and check it out! you won’t be disappointed!


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