Style Do’s for the Festive Season

I absolutely love the fall, and the Christmas season. I love fall fashion; coats, boots, scarves… I highly enjoy them all. I wish the weather was like this all year ’round. There’s something about wearing coats, boots, scarves, and gloves, that makes people look so much classier and sophisticated. The summer is too casual and laid-back for me. Shorts, tank tops, sandals…umm, no. It’s all just too trailer trash looking.

This is your chance to get rid of the hoodies, sneakers, and sweatpants and opt for something girly, fun, and fashionable!
This season, there are so many pretty things you SHOULD be wearing that are classy, sophisticated, and just plain awesome. Another good thing about this season… more holiday get-together’s where you will be able to show off your wonderful outfits.

Come on, just take the advice I’m about to give you… you’ll be glad you did.. trust me!

1. Sequins

Sequins are SO in at the moment, and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve always loved shiny things, and now is my chance to wear them as much as I can! From tops, to leggings, blazers, and handbags…. forget diamonds, sequins should be every girls best friend!
Wear an outfit that includes sequins and you’ll be sure to grab everyone’s attention at any social function. Come on, just admit it.. you know they’re awesome.

oh yeah… just please don’t wear a WHOLE sequined ensemble. Yes, it’s your time to shine and have fun, just don’t look like a disco ball while doing so (unless you’re Lady Gaga).

2. Blazers

Blazers are ….amazing. During the day blazers can be paired with a plain t-shirt, leggings, and flats, for a casual look. In the evening, an outfit can be glammed up by simply switching the flats for heels, and the t-shirt for a sequined top, for example. This is one item I highly recommend, since it can be taken from simple and casual to glam and sophisticated very easily.

3. High-heeled boots

I would have mentioned flat boots for this section as well, but decided to go for high-heeled boots since they tend to look fancier and more sophisticated for a night out in the town. Invest in a good pair of high-heeled boots, and like the blazer, they can be either casual or classy looking depending on what you pair them with. The length doesn’t matter. If you, like myself, are short, I recommend going for a higher heel because it not only elongates your legs but also makes an outfit look so much better.

4. Shiny leggings

Shiny leggings are also another huge trend this season. Not everyone is a big fan, but I personally love them. They go with basically anything. Just like the blazer and high-heeled boots, a pair of shiny leggings can take you from a casual Saturday morning shopping look to a Saturday evening at the martini bar look with no effort at all. I have worn them with flat casual boots, and a plaid top during the day, and then high heeled boots with a silk top for an evening out. They are also very comfy, which is a plus!
(The leggings pictured here, as you may have noticed, are not “shiny” leggings, but rather sequined leggings. I just thought they were too awesome not to post).

These are just a few of my tips for what to wear this fall and holiday season. These looks are so versatile… you can be in class, or at a party, wearing these pieces, and you’ll be sure to look fabulous!


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