Fashion No No’s

There are SO many heinous things I see people wearing nowadays. Honestly, do some people not look in the mirror before they go out of the house? Now, I’m not perfect, nobody is. I have committed fashion crimes myself in the past, and probably still do from time to time. Fashion is of course art, and what is considered nice, varies from person to person, but come on. Some things I see out there, really?? In honour of all the atrocities out there, this is my list of fashion don’ts!

1. Running shoes as regular everyday footwear

Unless you are going to the gym, or for a run, for the love of GOD do not wear running shoes as part of your everyday ensemble. They do NOT look good with anything, unless being paired with fitness clothing. I cringe everytime I see people committing this crime. Who cares if it’s comfortable and casual, there are other ways to be comfy and look casual without running shoes!!!

2. Uggs
Ok I admit, I almost gave in to Uggs, ALMOST. They DO look like they would be very comfortable and cozy, but…. as I said in the previous post, there are other ways to be comfortable and casual without ugly footwear. Another thing is that this trend is WAY overdone. It should have been over two years ago, but it is somehow still going strong.

3. Crocs
This is a trend that should have vanished long ago, even before Uggs should have disappeared. They are hideous, there is no other way to describe them. They DO look like lifejackets for your feet. The worst thing is when they come in BRIGHT colours such as orange.

4. Foam flip flops
Ok, foam flip flops, really? In the summer months, there are so many nice, BETTER looking sandals and flip flops to choose from. There is so much variety in summer footwear, why go for the cheap ones that fall apart after a few uses? I see people buying the cheap Old Navy flip flops, and do not understand for the life of me why they would wear these in public. I had a pair…. for the SHOWER, in residence. Even then, I thought they were ugly.

5. Baggy pants/ loose clothing
no, no, no. Why can’t people just look put together? What’s SO complicated about it?? This is mostly aimed at guys. I don’t want to see your ass hanging out, or your boxers. It is NOT attractive. Loose clothing too, such as giant sweaters or shirts. For God sakes. Again, who cares if it’s comfortable or relaxed. Remember…there are other ways to do this!!! Many girls do not find this attractive. If you’re a girl and wearing baggy pants or loose clothing…umm?? Need I say more.

6. Cuffed pants
What is the deal with some people and cuffed pants? Is it that complicated to get them hemmed? Especially if you’re short, cuffed pants will just make you look more stumpy and short than you already are. no, no, NO.

That is all…for now. I’m sure I will come up with more to add to this list, because there are always people out there who wear things nobody should be seen in. Nobody should fall victim to a fashion crime!


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